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Watchers' Council Chronicles

Nightmares & Daydreams

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Nightmares & Daydreams
{Starring Glenn Carter as Joseph Deromanus, David Bowie as David Conners, Thaao Penghlis as Jacob Morley Drake Hogestyn as Mitchell Jones, and guest Starring Michael Pitt as Daniel Deromanus, Forbes March as Jeffery Talbot , Eric Braeden as Virgil Clark , Anthony Michael Hall as Tony Mccarthy , and Kevin Sorbo as Malachai Mortimus }




Open to a huge classroom it is empty we see the chalkboard begins to glow blue and out of that blue light steps Malachai Mortimus .


Malachai Mortimus: no one will stop me from opening the hell mouth when the moon is drained of all its light that will be my night

the creature turns and walks back into the blue light then we see a blonde man jerk awake and he is sitting in the same classroom except this classroom is far from empty and sitting at the front desk is a man with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes the name plate on the desk says Joseph Deromanus

Joseph: Abigor presents himself as a horseman carrying a lance, a standard, or a scepter. He commands sixty legions & is a grand duke of hell. He knows of the secrets of warfare, of the future, and can instruct leaders of the ways to earn their soldiers' respect. That information can be found in the councils library in a book called Dictionnaire Infernal by Collin de Plancy it was published in 1863


As the rest of the class seems to be taking notes the blonde man is drawing a picture of demon he saw in his dream then the bell rang and the rest of the class began gathering their stuff and they looked to Joseph he simply nodded and they left the room after they were gone the blond man walked up to Joseph's desk his notebook in hand.

Joseph: anything I can assist you with David?

David: actually yes I was wondering if you could tell me what manner of species this demon is

David handed Joseph the picture of the demon he had dreamed about Joseph took it and studied it for a moment before his face took on a shocked expression he looked from the picture up to David.

Joseph: come with me to the library we can talk there and lock the door on your way out.

With that Joseph gathered the folders from his desk including David's drawing and he walked out of the classroom David clicked the lock and closed the door behind him and followed Joseph to the library. Joseph took a seat in one of the red velvet chairs there and he motioned for David to sit across from him which he did.

Joseph: what made you draw that picture?

David: well I had a dream about him in class and I was wondering if maybe it was one of my premonitions.

David told Joseph of his dream Joseph listened intently growing a bit more uneasy with every detail. He walked over to a shelf and pulled down a black book after David finished telling him of his dream then he walked back and sat down again and started thumbing through the book until he found the page he was looking for.

Joseph: that demon you saw in your dream was not a species it was one specific demon and a very powerful one at that.

He handed the book to David and David began to read aloud.

David: Malachai Mortimus is one of the most powerful demons out there he used to be a fabled scientist until he made a deal with a couple powerful demons which resulted in him creating a powerful potion by mixing the cells of a dragon demon and a bug demon he then drank the potion and cast a spell on himself which turned him into a new species he was now immortal and as the years went by his powers grew most demons cowered before him none that went up against him succeeded they all lost their lives until around 1284 A.D. when the slayer went up against him he had fallen in love with her and she was able to trick him and trap him in another dimension never to be heard from again he can be summoned ever 700 years on the lunar eclipse.

David looked up from the page and he and Joseph shared a look of utter terror.

Joseph: that's right the next lunar eclipse is in 6 months



[End of teaser]