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Watchers' Council Chronicles

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Act one

Joseph: xavier is that you?

Xavier: of course it's me joseph who else would it be you know i always come out here to think

Daniel: you look so young

Xavier: well i would hope so i'm only 16 and who are you

Daniel: i'm joseph's....

Joseph: (cutting him off) friend from oxford he is our new student

Xavier: well he is cute anyway

Daniel blushed at this comment then he turned when he heard voices

Ethan: relax deirdre i assure you ripper and your precious phillip will meet us in the field and we can begin the summoning ceremony

Deirdre: i am not worried about that ethan it is just we aren't alone i can feel it

they turned the corner and joseph saw a young ethan and a young deirdre




Ethan: ahh joseph how are you this evening 
Joseph: i'm fine ethan and you
Ethan: couldn't be better care to join me and deirdre in the field
Joseph: no ethan i am afraid i can't you see i am working on something with young xavier here and our newest student daniel
Ethan: perhaps some other time then it has been a pleasure talking to you however we must get to the field before ripper and phillip wonder what happend
Joseph: very well lad just be careful
Ethan: as careful as we always are i promise
Joseph:(smiled some) that is what i am afraid of
ethan and deirdre walked on down the alley until they dissappeared
Daniel: who are those people
Joseph: a few of my special students just like xavier here is
Daniel: oh i get it
Xavier: well i am heading back to the council see you later nice meeting you daniel
Daniel: you too xavier
xavier walked away and he too disappeared in the other direction leaving daniel and joseph alone
Daniel: what is happening why are all these people so young
Joseph: near as i can tell i think we walked into some temporal time fold and we walked into the past
Daniel: but i've walked through that alley many times at this time and nothing happened
Joseph: perhaps it was dormant until it was reactivated tonight
Daniel: so you mean somebody activated it tonight
Joseph: yes i think so
Daniel: why?
Joseph: that i am not quite sure of myself
Daniel was about to say something when they were interupted by yet another pair of  voices this time they belonged to phillip and ripper
Phillip: listen Rupert i know what you mean i care deeply for deirdre and ...
Ripper: please call me ripper i told you about this and frankly i don't care about how much you fancy deirdre i was just talking about the ceremony tonight
they both turned the corner and joseph once again saw two of his former students only younger rupert giles and phillip henry


Phillip: Joseph hi are they out in the field already
Joseph: of course they are phillip
Ripper: who's that
Daniel: my name is daniel i'm a new student i'm out here on a special project with mr. deromanus here
Ripper: (smirks some) how special?
Joseph: (glares some) rupert i suggest you watch you are inciuating
Ripper: (smirks even more) sorry
ripper and phillip walked on down the alley and joseph and daniel watched them when they heard david's voice behind them
David: such precocious little buggers aren't they
they turned and saw not a young david but the same david from before daniel was shocked by this but joseph wasn't he smiled brightly


Daniel: how did you fall into the time fold too
Joseph: he hasn't let's just say he keeps his age well also
David: (smirks) well that is one way to put it and you must be daniel joseph's son
Daniel: yes how did you know
David: (smiled widely) i know alot luv
Joseph:(rolled his eyes) you just had to say that didn't you you and your catch phrase
David: what can i say it is fun anyhow so what is this about a time fold
Joseph: while we were walking we stepped into a temporal time fold and got transported about 20 years into the past give or take a couple
David: intrigueing where is this time fold
Joseph: in this very alley except near as i can tell it is already closed
David: yes i am sure it is it probably closed after you came through it
Daniel: well how do we get back through it
David: you need to find the very book that activated it within this time where it is in the future is of no concern right now you must find where it is now
Daniel: but how do we know what book opened it and where that book is
David: that is where the work comes in
Daniel: you mean research and things?
David: sorta but not quite both of you take my hand
each of them grabbed one of his hands and in a flash of yellow light they were in the council's library where a young wesley wyndam-price was sitting alone


Act Two