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Watchers' Council Chronicles
DA Act One

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Act One

Cut to the council later that day we see quentin travers there with some other older gentleman


Quentin: don't worry about it mark i know he is around somewhere
Mark: i am just saying if i am supposed to be under him you think he would be in his office he is supposed to be the best leader the council ever had when he was working under clark
Quentin: i trust joseph he has saved my live on a couple occassions he also has two kids remember he must be spending time with them i mean take into account his past and the currnet stress he is facing
Cut back to the park we see joseph walking through it and he is standing by a tree and ethan rayne walks up beside him joseph looks up
Joseph: Ethan what are you doing here
joseph smiles some and hugs him then they heard a noise they turned around towards the noise and saw nothing although both of them appeared a bit shaken up


Cut to the outside of the council a bit laterr that day ethan had followed joseph, samantha,daniel, and tyler back to the council rupert giles came out to meet them
Giles: listen travers is here joseph he has been looking for you
Joseph: ok then ethan leave and come back later we don't what you getting caught
Ethan: very well then
Ethan turns and walks away then the others all walk into the council quentin stops them
Quentin: hello all i see you have been on a bit of a family picnic
Joseph: yes i am trying to get closer to my family they are all i have left of jessica
Quentin: yes yes i understand however i am only back for a brief time before i can finish my expedition as you know i like having two people in charge and after Virgil's accident you have far to much stress on yourself so i brought someone to be under you his name is mark jacobs he is your second is that clear
Joseph: ok where is he
Mark walks into the room
Mark: right here it is an honor to meet you joseph i have heard alot about you
Joseph looked to mark and nodded

 Act Two