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Watchers' Council Chronicles
DA Act Two

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Act Two

Joseph didnt know if MARK was the one he was warned about.

Quentin: Ill leave you two to get further acquainted(he looks to the others) Join me for a night cap?

The others leave and Joseph looks at Mark with a smile.

Joseph: So..Mark..tell me how you came to be with us?

Mark: Well I was working for Quentin for a long time, and he told me he wanted me to assist you.

Joseph noticed how Mark didnt give much information, but that was no reason to believe he was the one.

Joseph: (chuckles some) Well, working for Quentin is enough to be prepared for anything..

Mark put his hands in the pockets of his suit pants and rocked slowly from the toes and heels of his polished shoes

Mark: In any case, I look forward to working with you Joe, the council thinks highly of you

Joseph noticed Marks seemingly casual gestures, but when he noticed Mark didnt seem to pose any threat, he relaxed a bit and sat down in a fine leather chair.

Joseph: Oh really..

He asked with a small smile, not very surprised but he was not being pompous about it

Mark walked over to a small cherry wood trolly, which had crystal glasses and liquor on it


mark gestures to Joe asking if he would like some scotch.

Joseph nodded and crossed his legs lightly

Joseph: Well thats always a good thing to hear-

cut to the council entrance hall Tyler and Samantha were speaking with Quentin

Quentin: (smirks some) So how do you think Joe will take to his new partner in crime?

Tyler stood beside Samantha, gently putting his arm around her waist.

Tyler: Only time will tell

Samantha nodded lightly in agreement.

Samantha: He seems different now anyways(She began..then stopped breifly)

Quentin raised a brow and looked at her along with Tyler.

Quentin: Whats wrong?

Samantha gave Tyler a look only he would fully understand, before continueing the statement, but only on a lighter note to satisfy Quentins curiosity.

Samntha: Just that hed probably appreciate the help

she smiled some and Tyler joined her in smiling, and Quentin nodded.

Quentin: Thats what I figured, Im glad he didnt object to it, it would of made things very uncomfortable..

Quentin turned his back and retreived a cigar from a box which sat on a rather expensive coffee table.

When his back was turned, the two glanced to each other a moment tyler frowned at her a bit in warning

Quentin cut the tip off the cigar and lit it. He glanced to his watch and winced lightly

Quentin: Oh myexcuse me, I must be off. Im late for a meeting..

He gave Samantha a friendly smile and gave Tyler a pat on the shoulder. On his way out, he spoke over his shoulder

Quentin: give them a few more moments

Quentin walked on out and tyler glared some at samantha


Tyler: you almost blew it samantha are you weakening are you turning your back on me? are you turning your back on the boss?
Samantha: no i swear it's just he doesn't seem so bad
Tyler: of course he doesn't but he is a murderer he killed Dr. Keller
Samantha: i know he did but what if he had a reason
Tyler: i'm not going to listen to this we will proceed with the plan on schedule now go find michelle and andrew and inform them on what we know so far
Samantha: alright
as she walks away tyler begins to reflect on what he said and a look of remorse creeps across his face


Tyler: what if samantha was right what if joseph really isn't so bad

 Act Three