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Watchers' Council Chronicles

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[Act two]

Open to a scene in a park we see Jeffery Talbot and Daniel Deromanus talking


Jeffery: really Daniel isnt Mrs. Morris a bitch giving out a math test like that I swear those were college level problems and were only in high school

Daniel: yeah I know but I dont think I did to bad Jeffery


Jeffery: well of course you didnt your dad has all the worlds knowledge at his fingertips he is a member of that esteemed group of watchers your dad is famous everyone is constantly hearing of Joseph Deromanus many talents


Daniel: that doesnt mean Im a genius or anything and sometimes my dads fame is annoying it is like everyone expects me to be like him sure they all think he is a professor and everything but still I just wish people could see that I am not my dad I dont have his brains or any thing I am just an ordinary person and Quinton keeps pressing me to go to some of the classes in the watchers council but I dont want to be a watcher I want to be normal

Jeffery: yeah but look at all that money you guys have I would love to be in your shoes

Daniel: all that money is in the councils funds and is to only be used for council purposes even if it was public money I would rather work for my money earn it like most people I dont like having things handed to me on a silver platter

Jeffery: well I guess if you earn it you cant have it taken away or held over your head


They walk off screen then we open to the councils library Joseph and Daniel are in there talking with each other


Joseph: so how was school?

Daniel: it was fine we had a math test and I think I did a good job on it then afterwards me and Jeffery went on a walk in the park and we were talking

Joseph: Jeffery Talbot or Jeffery Marks?

Daniel: my best friend Jeffery Talbot Jeffery Marks moved away last month

Joseph: oh I didnt know that anyway since you were talking to Jeffery Talbot did the subject of the council come up any

Daniel: yeah a little bit I am glad you gave me permission to tell him about it, it helps having someone I can talk to

Joseph: no problem just remember dont let any one else on the council know you told him about it ok they may frown upon a civilian knowing of their existence

Daniel: I know and thanks to you Ive learned a lot do you remember what you told me when I was about 13 or 14 hold on to life with both hands until your fingers are broken that is what you said do you remember that



Joseph: yes I remember that I am rather surprised you do with all thats happened in the past 3 years

Daniel: I can never forget anything you ever told me dad


Joseph: well thats good because all the advice you have received from me will help you through life forget what the council tells you some of them are only looking out for themselves not the betterment of the world like they are supposed to

Daniel: I know I have noticed some things like that myself

Cut to Mr. Clarks office we see he appears to be talking to some one and he looks a bit upset


Mr. Clark: so what exactly are you saying that you want me to keep an eye on Joseph because you fear he may endanger the council with his presence I think not now leave my office I dont want to discuss this any farther understood


We hear the door to his office open and shut and Mr. Clark sighs some

Mr. Clark: perhaps I should talk to Joseph and let him know that there are certain parties here who dont trust him give him the heads up in case they try something he will be prepared


Cut to a large abandoned factory


As the camera slowly begins to pan into the building we can hear voices coming from within it


David: damn this place is a wreck

Daniel: yes it is but it will still work wont it I mean we just need a place to hide it until you know when

David: oh it will work just fine trust me these creatures dont need to live someplace spic and span spotless you know

Daniel: good

David: now are you sure you want to do this because once the process gets started there is no turning back

Daniel: are you kidding I have been planning this for about 3 months now I wouldnt want to turn back I have put far to much thought into this

David: ok I was just checking

Cut to a graveyard we see a mysterious figure hooded figure walking around in it


[End of act two]