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Watchers' Council Chronicles
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{Starring Glenn Carter as Joseph Deromanus, David Bowie as David Conners, and guest Starring Michael Pitt as Daniel Deromanus, Roark Critchlow as Xavier Crane, Deanna Wright as Rachel Morris, Heather Olson as Brittany Morris, Deirdre Hall as Jessica Anderson, Cathy Moriarty as Miranda Anderson, Austin Peck as Adrian Anderson,  Alexis Denisof as  Wesley Wyndham-Price, Jensen Ackles as young Xavier Crane, Christie Clark as young Deirdre Page,  Jay Kenneth Johnson as young Phillip Henry, Aaron Van Wagner as young Ethan Rayne, Jason Brooks as young Wesley Wyndham-Price, and Mark Valley as young Rupert Giles}

Open to the council's library we see Wesley sitting there thinking


Wesley: that's just impossible quinton isn't returning any of my attempts to get a hold of him where can he be i have some rather pressing matters that i must speak with him about concerning the current slayer and her watcher
Daniel walks into the library


Daniel: hello Wesley can i ask you a question?
Wesley: huh oh Daniel yes i suppose you could
Wesley: why do you ask?
Daniel: well there is someone that i love and have loved for awhile but i doubt they can ever return the same feelings
Wesley: well does this person know how you feel
Daniel: no i could never tell them
Wesley: why not go to your dad with this problem
Daniel: because he has had far to many lovers and well to be honest your no Don Juan so i think you would know more about true love cause i think you are holding out for it
Wesley: well you could put it that way but you see
they were interupted by Joseph peeking his head into the door
Joseph: come on Daniel let's get going i thought i would take you to the art gallery after we go see Xavier i think he could use a little help training his slayer
Daniel: well dad we can go to see Xavier however i have other plans for us to visit today not the art gallery
Joseph: ok son today is your day
Daniel looks back to Wesley
Daniel: we can finish this talk later ok
Wesley: ok 
Cut to a graveyard we see a man and two girls walking through it


Xavier: Hopefully your skills tonight will surpass that shotty display last night rachel are you listening to me
Rachel: yeah i'm listening to you, you're always so quick to find fault in everything i do


Xavier: i'm not quick to judge everything you do i am trying to keep you alive most slayers don't live to be 20 especially slayers with siblings such as your younger sister Brittany here if the vampires learn about her they will go after her to get to you.
Rachel: that is why i don't intend to let any of them live long enough to go tell anyone
An arrow shot by rachel and stuck to the tree behind her and we see Daniel reloading a crossbow Joseph behind him looking on approvingly
Joseph: what would you have done if that was a vampire actually aiming for you constant vigilance young one
Rachel: and just who the hell are you
Joseph: name's Joseph Deromanus and this is my son Daniel
Rachel: the Joseph Deromanus i've heard alot about you from Mr. Crane here he like idolizes you or something
Joseph: well i was he teacher for a great number of years
Rachel: you guys look about the same age
Joseph: let's just say i keep well for my age now from the report i recieved from Xavier you're Rachel and that must be Brittany  
Brittany: please don't tell me you are going to get all watchery on me and start telling me that it is to dangerous for me to be out here with Rachel i'm not a kid
Joseph: calm down little one i assure i had no intention of getting as you put it all watchery with you i merely came to assist in the training and the hunt for awhile
Daniel spun the crossbow on his finger and aimed at brittany's head and pulled the trigger fireing the arrow at her, a look of fear crossed her eyes but the arrow zoomed past her head and caught a vampire in the chest dusting it immediately
Daniel: dusted sorry for the scare but i am great with the crossbow and if i warned you you would've screamed and alerted him that i could see him which might have caused your very death are you ok
Brittany nodded her head and turned around so he could dust her back off then when he was finished she turned back around to face him
Brittany: thanks so how long will you guys be joining us for
Xavier: a couple hours i called them down here and i fgured this was the best cementary to practice in but i will warn you Joseph can be strict sometimes
Joseph: it is the only way to ensure they learn it properly i promise i don't get physical it would be a little unfair if i did wouldn't you agree
Rachel: yeah considering the fact that i am a slayer and you're just a watcher
cut to a church later that night we see a pair of mysterious hands open up a spellbook  


Cut to Daniel and Joseph walking down a dark alley way when a green light surrounds them they freeze in place when the green light clears Joseph looks to Daniel
Joseph: what was all that about?
Daniel: i have no idea
They hear a voice coming from in the shadows a voice that sounds like xavier only different
Xavier: oy who's there
They look over towards the shadows and they see xavier except he is younger and he is standing against a brick wall that wasn't there before


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