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Watchers' Council Chronicles
True Viseage


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True Visage
{Starring Glenn Carter as Joseph Deromanus,Thaao Penghlis as Jacob Morley, Drake Hogestyn as Mitchell Jones, and guest Starring Michael Pitt as Daniel Deromanus, Forbes March as Jeffery Talbot , Eric Braeden as Virgil Clark , Anthony Michael Hall as Tony Mccarthy ,  Tony Vincent as Michael Andrews, Shawn Ashmore as Tyler Romeraz, Christopher Douglas as Fernando Lopez, Anna Paquin as Samantha Anderson, Kelly Hu as Kim Li, James Hyde as Andrew Monroe, Ryan McPartlin as Matthew Talbot, Eric Martsolf as Johnathon McKenzie, Devon Sawa as Bruce Keller, Ian McKellen as Alexander Rayne, James Marsden as Scott Wilkinson, Famke Janssen as Julie Evans, Aaron Stanford as Timothy Black, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as Michelle Bennett, Michael Easton as Caleb Michaels, Bruce Michael-Hall as Damien Mccarthy, Katie Stuart as Kristina Douglas, and Katie Holmes as Cassie Pierce}

Open to a field we see a young man and a young woman talking


Tyler: listen to me samantha you will have no problem getting in the council you're his daughter the one he assumed was dead
Samantha: i know tyler but what am i supposed to say
Tyler: you won't need to say much he will reconize the shroud you are wearing then he will know we will meet at the designated spot and you can tell me what you have found out
Samantha: ok but what if he finds out
Tyler: he wouldn't suspect you of anything you're his daughter
Samantha: i still don't like this
Tyler: who took you in when you were nothing but a child on the street? who gave you food and shelter from the storm? was it your father? hell no! it was the boss and now the boss sends you on one small mission after taking care of you for years he never asked anything of you and now when he needs your help you don't like it? are you that disrespectful
Samantha: no it's just that .....oh well nevermind i'm sorry i said anything against it
Tyler: well i won't tell him this time but be warned you do your job or the boss won't be happy we need to make sure everything is in place for the summoning of Malachai and we can't let your father interfere with our plans
Cut to the council later on that day we see joseph talking with samantha


Joseph: i am still in shock I thought you were dead i thought you died 17 years ago
Samantha: no i didn't find out until a couple weeks ago that aunt miranda and uncle adrian stole me from the hospital cause they didn't want you and mom together so they told mom i was dead in hopes that they would break you two up and as soon as i found that out i started looking for you or mom and i found out mom died when i was a year old but you were still around so i had to track you down i want a family you know not one like aunt miranda and uncle adrian gave me but my biological father i hope you don't mind
Joseph: of course not did you know you also have a brother he is at school right now but i will introduce you 2 when he gets home me and your mother loved each other very much
Samantha: i'll bet you did 
Joseph: we were so heartbroken with the doctor told us that he did all he could but you had died  
Samantha: yeah apparently aunt miranda and uncle adrian blackmailed him or paid him or forced him in some way say that i kinda discovered that when i was cleaning out uncle adrian's office and his computer accidently came on and his encrypted files accidently opened up and i just happened to be there and i just happened to read them
Joseph: (chuckled some) accidents happen come on let's go in
Joseph turned and went in the council samantha gave one quick hesitant glance around the area her face reflected worry before she too went in to the council behind joseph after they had went inside tyler materialized out of thin air his lips were pursed he didn't look to happy 


Tyler: You better damn well remember where your loyalties lie samantha
Tyler glared some at the council building before he vanished in thin air

Act One