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Watchers' Council Chronicles
Cast Biographies

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Here is some background information on the main characters more will come as soon as more are introduced



Joseph Deromanus

i can't go into to much detail about Joseph without giving some spoilers so i won't, however i will give you the basics on him

Joseph became a member of the council cause he saved Quinton's life once

Quinton bent quite a few rules allowing him to join well Joseph had been a member of the council for only a few months when he started noticing that something wasn't quite right with some of the members of the council they seemed to be more interested in themselves then mankind so Joseph started his own little group of council members called the Crimson Tears these guys usually know alot more than the regular council and they only clue the regular council in if there is something that it must absolutely know about



David Conners
David was another one of the first few to join the Crimson Tears
he possesses some quite powerful magicks he is a major asset to
the group he was a powerful demon summoner and that is what
Joseph noticed about him and David hated most of the council
members so when Joseph  extended the offer he was all to
happy to jump on it Joseph helped him develop his powers
then he was getting powerful premonitions


Mitchell Jones

Mitchell is basically a quiet person he was one of the first few to join the Crimson Tears he was constantly hiding away from the council he didn't trust any of them and when Joseph noticed this he told him about his group and Mitchell jumped at the chance to join he is some of the brains behind the group he also has some powerful connections 
not much else can be told about him at this present time


Jacob Morley
Jacob basically just joined the Crimson Tears because he admired Joseph's talent and finess he does the best he can in the group he really enjoys working in it but basically right now all he is is a glorified secretary to Joseph he really has no powers