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Watchers' Council Chronicles
Deadly Alliance

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Deadly Alliance

{Starring Glenn Carter as Joseph Deromanus,Thaao Penghlis as Jacob Morley,Drake Hogestyn as Mitchell Jones, and guest Starring Michael Pitt as Daniel Deromanus,Forbes March as Jeffery Talbot,Tony Vincent as Michael Andrews, Shawn Ashmore as Tyler Romeraz,Anna Paquin as Samantha Anderson,Kelly Hu as Kim Li,James Hyde as Andrew Monroe,Eric Martsolf as Johnathon McKenzi,Devon Sawa as Bruce Keller,James Marsden as Scott Wilkinson,Famke Janssen as Julie Evans,Aaron Stanford as Timothy Black,Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as Michelle Bennett,Bruce Michael-Hall as Damien Mccarthy,Katie Holmes as Cassie Pierce,Alison Sweeney as Jessica Marshall,Robin Sachs as Ethan Rayne,Victor Alfieri as Adrian Anderson,Kyle Lowder as John Mitchell,Heather Olsen as Brittany Morris,Deanna Wright as Rachel Morris,Roark Critchlow as Xavier Crane,John Aniston as Mark Jacobs,Harris Yulin as Quentin Travers,Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles, Deirdre Hall as Jessica Anderson}



open to the council's dining room we see joseph standing there with samantha and daniel


Joseph: will tyler and jeffery be joining us

Daniel: i can't speak for tyler but i know jeffery won't be joining us because he had to get home

Samantha: and tyler had a few errands to run and a couple people to talk to but he may come along later

Joseph: very well then i just need to get changed and i will be ready

cut to a park we see joseph sitting and talking with samantha and daniel


Samantha: there is something i have been meaning to ask you since yesterday dad
Joseph: yes?
Samantha: since you are a vampire how is it you can be out in the daytime
Joseph: well that is slightly complicated thanks to your mother i am the only vampire capable of becoming a normal human when i need to be i am neither vampire nor human thanks to her majick i am both interchangeably
Daniel: mom was really powerful wasn't she
Joseph: yes she was
Daniel: then how come she died on that day 16 years ago
joseph's face took on a pained look and he stared off into space 


Joseph: i can only tell you what i know which isn't much you see her david and i were fighting several demons david ran behind them to get the book and her and i killed about half the demons but the numbers were to great the kidnapped her and drug her into another part of the cave and before i could follow them a boulder fell and blocked my path i can only imagine what went on behind that boulder but i can't be sure of anything by the time we got to her she was dieing and we did all we could but we couldn't save her
Daniel: i'm sorry dad
Samantha: well at least you were with her until the very end
Joseph: but i couldn't help her i should never have let her join me i knew what was going to happen i remembered and then in a flash she was gone she was my light my angel
Samantha: oh i see well i am sure she is watching over you and smiling at you right now
a familiar female voice says his name and joseph turns around his face registering shock as he comes face to face with jessica anderson


Jessica: she is right my love i am always watching over you oh joseph it wasn't your fault i love you so much and i know that after all these years you have never been able to get over me and i doubt you ever truelly will but you need to learn when to move on always keep me in your heart but not so much that there is no more room for another
Joseph: is it really you jessica
Jesscia: of course it is i have seen you i have watched over you since that night i must go though for now i don't have much time i came to warn you of the eminent danger you are facing
jessica looked shocked as she looked foreward joseph looked behind him to see tyler walking up when he looked back to where jessica was standing she was gone tyler saw them and he waved


Tyler: hey guys what's up
Joseph looked suspiciously at Tyler was he the danger jessica was speaking of if so why did he save samantha yesterday and if not why did she dissappear so quick joseph was brought back to reality by his daughter's voice
Samantha: nothing much tyler come on have a seat
Daniel: dad are you ok you seem to have your mind in other places
it was then that joseph realized he was the only one who saw and heard jessica he wondered if anyone heard him speaking to her if they did they showed no signs of it

 Act One