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Watchers' Council Chronicles
PE Act Four

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Act Four

Cut to the inside of the cavern hand in hand joseph and jessica led the group 
Daniel: this is nice cold dark and smelly kinda reminds me of my fifth grade teacher
Phillip: kinda reminds me of mr. travers when he has run out of his favorite brand of tea
The group laughed at this when all of a sudden they heard a noise from deeper inside the cave jessica stopped for a second and a blank look crossed her face


Jessica: they are waiting on us they know we are coming they are calling us to come in deeper
A look of realization and then a look of fear crossed joseph's face
Joseph: jessica get out of here leave now i remember this i know the truth leave now and i will tell you about it later
Jessica: no i am not leaving you my love
Joseph: then i will have to change it this time however in case i can't phillip, deirdre take daniel and get out of here now xavier escort them all to the council and wait on my word
Xavier: but...
Joseph: (cuts him off) that is a direct order from a higher official to you 
Xavier sighs and begins to lead the other three out david just looked to joseph as if trying to figure out why he had sent them away however after the four younger ones left the cavern it shook and a boulder seemed to block the doorway and torches on the wall magically lit themselves the three ventured deeper into the cavern seeing as how they had nowhere else to go as they dissappeared from out the shadows came adrian and he had a look of sadness yet determination on his face


Adrian: sorry sis but miranda is our older sister and i love her so much so i had to do this i hope you will be able to forgive me in due time
With one last look in their direction adrian vanished into thin air
Cut to joseph and the other two walking done a long corridor when they are attacked by four huge demons that looked like snakes with arms and legs  one of the demons goes to strike david when david ducks and spin kicks at the demons feet and knocks it on the ground before shooting a blue beam out of his finger at the demon and it bursts into flames
David: toasted (blows on his finger and turns to look at joseph) look out
a demon goes to attack joseph and he flips up and over the demon landing on his feet behind it and before the demon has a chance to turn around joseph sidekicks it to the back of the head knocking it on it's face then jumps on its back and pulls up it's head and twists it's neck in one swift motion breaking it
Joseph: that'll take care of that nasty crick i assure you
Two demons were attacking Jessica she was doing her best to fight them off  but they outnumbered her so they got a few good hits in on her they busted her lip open and blacked her eye and bruised her cheek


one of them went to swing at her and she ducked and it hit the second demon she crawled between the legs of the first demon before swinging around and connecting with a kick to it's side allowing joseph enough time to run over and using her shoulders for leverage dropkicking it in the face knocking it to the ground and david shot that blue beam at it and within seconds it was engulfed in flames and the fourth demon looked around and seeing he was outnumbered stood up and began to howl joseph and the other two covered their ears and about thirty demons began coming into the room
David: bloody hell we have a problem
Joseph began to back away some then all three of them ran full charge into the horde of  demons and a large fight ensued david ran across the demons backs to try to get to the room behind  them where the book lied while joseph and jessica were fighting them off they killed about fifteen of them when jessica got caught by them and they dragged her into a different room and a huge boulder fell as joseph was running to catch them seperating him from them joseph slammed his fists against the boulder
Joseph: bloody hell
David came back with the book in hand and saw joseph sitting in front of the boulder crying but there was no sign of jessica
David: what's wrong
Joseph: i couldn't stop them i couldn't save her
David: calm down and tell me what happened
Cut to another part of the cave and we see jessica tied to a wall and crying 


Cut back to joseph and david
David: well then we have no time to lose do we this isn't what happened last time is it
Joseph: no it isn't
David: so maybe you did change it and this time you're supposed to save her
Joseph: perhaps you're right but how are we going to get past this boulder
David moves joseph out of the way and places both hands on the boulder it starts to glow orange for a second before it disentergrates
David: (smirks) what boulder?
Joseph just smiles at him before rushing through the opening  however when he they find her she is laying on the floor busted and bloody


Joseph rushed over and kneeled beside her tears began to fall from his eyes and when she spoke to him her voice was raspy
Jessica: i.... made.... a.... mistake... love
Joseph: no i did i should have forced you to leave when i realized
Jessica: you.... know..... i ...still.... wouldn't.... have..... listened.... i.... would've..... somehow
Joseph: yes you probably would have
Jessica: truely.... are.... from... the...future
Joseph: anything you want hun anything
Jessica: was....that.... young.... boy.... who.... was.... with.... you.... our.... son.....
Joseph: yes babe he was i named him daniel after you died sixteen years ago
She smiled and touched his cheek he grabbed her hand with his and held it to his face and kissed it lightly before turning his head so it once again rested on his cheek
Jessica: well.... at.... least.... i.... know.... you.... raised.... him.... well
She took in a deep breath and then all was silent her chest no longer raised and fell and her eyes lost that light that joseph had fallen in love with her hand grew cold as joseph held it to his cheek and wept she was dead joseph held her hand to his cheek a moment longer before laying it down and closing her eyes 


David walked up to where she lie he looked from her to joseph sadness reflected in his eyes joseph looked to david and nodded his head david grabbed a hold of on of jessica's cold hands and began to chant an arcane spell and a white light surrounded jessica and all her cuts and bruises began to heal


After the light cleared joseph bent over and took her cold lips in his for one last kiss


Joseph: goodbye my angel
He picked up her body and began to carry it to the council so she could have a proper burial and david followed closely behind
Cut to the council library daytime we see daniel sitting there talking to a grown up wesley
Daniel: and he has been depressed ever since we came back i was going to take him to the party i had planned for him at the old abandoned warehouse to celebrate his anniversary of his joining the council but now isn't the right time he loved her alot
Wesley: listen daniel remember when you asked me for my advice on love before you guys left
Daniel: yeah
Wesley: well here it is there are only four questions of value in life what is sacred?, of what is the spirit made?, what is worth living for?, and what is worth dying for? the answer to each is the same only love remember that when you find the one you love always hold on to them for as long as you can but also another part of love is knowing when you have to let go
With that wesley walked out the door leaving daniel sitting there and thinking