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Watchers' Council Chronicles
TV Act Four

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Act Four

Cut to Ms. Evans she is with four other people 3 of them were teenagers


Ms. Evans: ok first i need to check and see who all is here to help scott wilkinson?
Scott: i'm ready
Ms.Evans: good cassie pierce?
Cassie: i can't wait
Ms. Evans: perfect and last but not least timothy black?
Timothy: name's tim but i am ready  
Ms. Evans: good now ms. li can you fill them in on our objectives
Ms. Li: very well ms. evans  alright now our main objective is to get the spellbook from  young ms brittany morris she used it recently to reactivated a temporal time fold which joseph had stepped in unfortunately she failed to return the book to the boss after she did what he asked of her and she has shown signs of not wanting to relinquish ownership of the book back over to the boss
Cut to the outside of the council we see joseph sitting and talking with another man


Joseph: so anyhow johnathon you think you can help me with you and david helping me we should have no problem
Johnathon: did you have to ask you know i would be more than willing to help you out joseph
Joseph smiled and johnathon began to change to his true form


Johnathon: just tell me what too do
Cut to Bruce Keller with a ciggeratte in his mouth he is at a shooting range two other people are standing beside him


Bruce: so you are the infamous chameleon couple Andrew Monroe and Michelle Bennett you sure don't look like much if you don't mind my saying so
Andrew: we can blend in anywhere we are masters of disguise
Bruce: but you are 100% human right cause he will be able to sense anyone with any type of demon in them
Michelle: yes we are human
Bruce: and you think you will be able to blend in in the council for awhile  
Andrew: yes we can that will be easy
Bruce: alright then here's the plan
Cut to the alley behind the council  we see the masked man again when someone attacks him from behind he falls to the ground tyler is standing over him with a crowbar in his hand and joseph walks up behind tyler
Joseph: good work kid
Tyler: thank you sir
Joseph: now let's see who this prowler and imposter really is
Joseph removes the mask and looks down at the person he is shocked when he sees the face of the person and we too see the person's face


Joseph: Fernando Lopez the number one henchman to Dr. Keller well i killed him so you must be working under new rule(picks up fernando by the shirt) now i demand you talk
Mr. Clark's voice is heard from behind them
Mr. Clark: he doesn't have to tell you i know who his boss is
Joseph: (never letting go of fernando's shirt) who is it virgil
Mr. Clark: it is me
Joseph: (looks behind him a bit stunned) what did you say
Mr. Clark: you heard me he works for me you fool
Joseph: but he is a killer
Fernando: as are you joseph you are the worst killer of us all
Joseph: (growls some and vamps) i am not a cold blooded killer
Mr. Clark: yes you are you burned down the church my babies were in
Joseph: no virgil the church i burned down was only occupied by sultek demons
Mr. Clark: and are you aware of how long it took me to summon them and keep them well hidden
Joseph: (drops fernando and turns to face virgil clark) they were the key ingredient to summoning malachai
Mr. Clark: yes i know and unfortunately they're all dead so they need to be resummoned
Joseph: virgil were you part of this whole conspiracy
Fernando: (walks over and stands by mr clark) not exactly
Joseph: what do you mean
Mr. Clark: yes i am part of virgil's body but i am not virgil i'm surprised you never figured it out
Joseph: (whispers) Keller
Mr. Clark: that's right i possessed virgil and he did put up one hell of a fight he got to where he would argue with me on your trustworthiness so i figured i had to fully control him so i killed his inner spirit and i took over
Before joseph could do anything a ball of lighting struck Mr. clark from behind causeing him to convulse before he erupted in flames and we see standing behind where clark was standing was samantha  


Samantha: god how annoying was his talking hey dad
Fernando growls some and rushes at her he eyes glowing red before he reaches her though tyler rushes at him and rams the crowbar through his heart he looks down and vamps for a second before turning to dust
Joseph: (smirked some) how did you know he was a vampire
Tyler: i am gifted that way just like i knew you were but i know who i can and can't trust
Joseph: thanks for saving my daughter like that
Tyler: no problem i need to protect my girl
Joseph: ahh so i see my daughter has a love intrest
Samantha: you could say that
Tyler and samantha walk hand in hand back into the council
as joseph looks on no one see johnathon watching joe from the shadows fade to black
Joseph VO :  when feelings are so powerful it's as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams.
Johnathon VO: oh joseph you fail to see the one who loves you standing right in front of you