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Watchers' Council Chronicles
DA Act Four

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Act Four

Cut to the outside of the council joseph, daniel, and samantha walk out and bruce's mini army goes to move in but they stop short almost as if they hit a barrier they try to attack again but joseph just stands there a cruel smile on his face then there is a flash of light and standing in front of joseph and his crew is jessica marshall and johnathon in his demon form plus a very evil looking jessica anderson when she speaks her voice echoes


Jessica Anderson: looks like you lost this batlle young warriors
Right before there eyes joseph and daniel and samantha merge and then joseph begins to change and he is actually mark jacobs he waves some mischeviously and from behind ms evans and her crew joseph, tyler, samantha and daniel attack themand in no time at all they are all tied up
Tyler: we have to kill them so they can't let bruce know we are allies with you
Joseph: i know but it think it would be more fun to throw them in an alternate dimension Ms. Marshall i believe you can do that
Jessica M: (nods) as you wish 
She grabs the ropes and begins to chant as we cut to bruce again he appears to be talking to himself  


In a flash of green light ms.evans appears laying face down right in front of bruce bruce reaches down to touch her head and she scampers away and cowers in a corner
Bruce: Julie what happened
Ms. Evans: they knew somehow they knew we were outside they attacked us and some new person tried to send us to another dimension i have no idea how i escaped
Bruce: who attacked you
Ms. Evans: it was.....i don't remember all i remember is being surprised
Bruce: damn it well go ahead have a seat so we can make a new plan
Ms Evans: very well sir
she got up and put on her glasses and sat in the seat across from him her face no longer showed fear just confusion


Cut to the council we see joseph speaking with xavier crane


Xavier: i sure hope it works
Joseph: oh i am positive it will she will call us with something tomarrow though
Cut back to bruce's hideout we see ms evans leaving after she closes the door she lets out a sigh of relief and then she walks into another room and her features begin to change and she turns into jessica marshall


Jessica: bruce you will be sorry for planning to hurt joseph i gurantee that
Cut to a club we see tyler and samntha up on stage preparing to sing a song as joseph sat down at the bar and watched johnathon came in and sat down beside him and wrapped his arm around joseph's waist joseph just looked down and then samantha and tyler began their song

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