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Watchers' Council Chronicles

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[Act three]


Open to Daniels bedroom Mitchell Jones walks in and Daniel is at his dresser looking for some clothes to put on he looks up and sees Mitchells reflection and he angrily looks at him


Daniel: Jesus Christ havent you ever heard of knocking god I am a bit under clothed for company what do you want

Mitchell: (smirks some) Theres really no need to be embarrassed. It's not like we haven't....


Daniel: shut up ok I remember what you want

Mitchell: I know what you are planning and I want in on it too your dad deserves it for all the things hes done

Daniel: what if you go and tell my dad all about it

Mitchell: Not gonna happen

Daniel: ok I will let you in on the condition that if I find out you told I will make you regret it ok?

Mitchell: that sounds like a deal

Daniel: it does, does it?

Mitchell: Oh you bet it does partner

Daniel: ok good now could you please let me get dressed

Mitchell: go ahead Im not stopping you

Daniel: I want you out of my room so I can get dressed

Mitchell: fine I will leave

Mitchell walked out the door and Daniel sighed some mumbling the word men before the screen fades black then we cut to Mitchell out in the hall he is on the phone to an unknown person



Mitchell: Thats a fact. Tonight we're gonna flush that rat right out of the sewer

With that said Mitchell hangs up the phone and looks back to Daniels door and smirks evilly

Mitchell: I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve ... just can't wait for tomorrow

Then he walks off screen

Open to Josephs office we see Mr. Clark and Joseph speaking to each other


Mr. Clark: listen Joseph I feel there is something you should know there are certain parties here that do not trust you and I fear that they may try to attack you in the near future and I am afraid they are close to you personally


Joseph: like who

Mr. Clark: I am afraid I am not at liberty to say but be warned the hold powerful magicks at their disposal

Joseph: thank you very much for the heads up Virgil


Mr. Clark: no problem just be careful ok

Joseph: I will

With that Mr. Clark shook Josephs hand and walked out of the library Joseph looked slightly unnerved at this news a knock on the door caused Joseph to jump


Joseph: come in

Daniel walks in

Daniel: dad do you have a minute

Joseph: sure son come on in whats on your mind

Daniel: well I have a slight problem do you think that we could have a father son day tomorrow there are a couple places I want to go but I dont want to go there alone and Jeffery is busy


Joseph: sure Daniel no problem

Daniel: thanks dad I love you

Joseph: I love you too

Joseph smiled some at his son and Daniel walked over and hugged him then he walked out but the smile on his face looked a bit more sinister


Daniel: soon all my planning will be well worth it he doesn't even suspect anything which will be all for the better when it comes to tomorrow if he suspected anything then he wouldn't come but he would never believe his own beloved son would do this to him
with that Daniel nodded his head and then walked offscreen
Open to a large lounge area we see Jeffery Talbot and another man in there talking


Jeffery: yes Mr. Mccarthy the more i practice the better i get however i think there is someone who can help me progress my powers further
Mr. Mccarthy: who is this person
Jeffery: his name is Joseph Deromanus he is my best friend's father i am sure he will be willing to help me improve myself
Mr. Mccarthy: very well but it must be quick we don't have much time before the test
[end of act three]