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Watchers' Council Chronicles
PE Act Two

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Act Two

Wesley: ahh hello Mr. Deromanus and Mr. Conners how are you two fairing this evening
David: quite well what are you doing wesley
Wesley: just reading Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal it is just a fascinating read
Daniel: yep he was born to be a watcher
Wesley: (notices daniel and smiles in a friendly manner) oh hello i'm sorry i didn't see you you a new student?
Daniel: yep and i must say from what i have seen of the council so far it is extrodinary
Wesley: yes it is
Joseph: well anyhow wesley i was just looking for you it seems due to your exceptional grades quinton wants to speak with you
Wesley looked excited and rushed out of the room
Daniel: that was a rather clever ruse but a bit cold
Joseph: it was no ruse trust me quinton wanted to see him right away
Daniel: (shrugs) so what are we looking up ?
David: anything we can on a place called Devil's Cavern that is where the book lies
Daniel: if you know that then why don't we just go in and get it
David: really lad please don't tell me you're that naive do you really think a place known as devil's cavern would be easy to just walk in
Joseph: i've heard of it before it always moves and is full of traps no one who went was ever seen alive again
David: exactly my friend
Daniel: oh ok let's get to looking
After a few minutes of searching daniel stood up
Daniel: i have it, Devil's Cavern must be summoned by midnight of the third day of the sixth month
Joseph: that is tonight what else does it say
Daniel: nothing it was mentioned in this paragraph about Derongal Demons it seems that Devil's Cavern is their last known place of residence
David: Derongal Demons? bloody hell this is going to be more difficult than i thought we need to get two powerful sorcerers to help us as well
Joseph: that is no problem David run out to the field and tell the gang that we need two of them to help us on a little quest
David nodded and vanished out the door
Daniel: not that i am judgeing or  anything but did you mean those kids from earlier how can they help us
Joseph: you're nothing more then a kid yourself however you have abilities that far surpass your age correct
Daniel: yeah but
Joseph: i rest my case 
After a few minutes david came rushing in
David: well ethan and ripper weren't there they left the group early however phillip and deirdre said they would be more than happy to assist us
Joseph: good where are they
David: (smirks some) we're supposed to meet them in the field in about an hour they will be occupied until then
Joseph: (chuckles some) alright then
cut to a field later that night we see xavier, deirdre and phillip standing there waiting on joseph and the crew


Joseph: well this is a pleasant surprise what are you doing here xavier
Xavier: oh come on now you don't think i would let you guys have all the fun do you
Joseph: well i guess we're ready
Xavier: not quite i pulled some strings and we will be accompanied by a special guest
Joseph: really who?
Xavier: Jessica Anderson one of the most powerful witches i've ever met
Joseph's eyes took on a shocked look and then he smiled brightly
Joseph: i forgot about her
Joseph reached in his pocket and pulled out a picture and stares longingly at it


From behind him a female voice spoke
Jessica: that's a rather good likeness of me however i don't think that they got my best side
Joseph: (turned) ahh jessica nice to see you


Jessica: how have you been luv
Joseph: i am fine how have you been
they walked towards eachother slowly closing the distance between themselves as they were within arm's length of eachother they embraced 
Daniel: umm i hate to break up this little lovefest but i would like to get going soon

Act Three