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Watchers' Council Chronicles
PE Act Three

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Act Three

Jessica turned around while still keeping  joseph's arms around her and smirked some
Jessica: we could get going but if we leave here we would be that much farther away from the entrance, in two hours it will be 10 and that is when the cavern will be right under us in this very field
Daniel: so what do we do for two hours
Jessica: i don't know about you but i know what i would love to do however i am afraid i will just have to settle for a kiss
With that she turned and trapped joseph's lips in hers in a lover's kiss


Daniel blushes some and looks away while xavier just smiled
Xavier: i knew it
Daniel: ok ok enough that's not what i meant
Jessica pulled away from the kiss and chuckled some and joseph just smiled
Jessica: actually i planned on doing a spell to speed up time but i will need some supplies from the council do you think you will be able to sneak them out here to me
Daniel: i might be able to what do you need
Jessica smiled some and handed him a list
Xavier: i will go with you , you need a council student to vouge for you in case any of the council members see you
Xavier and daniel headed off to the council leaving phillip, deirdre, david, joseph and jessica sitting in the field after a few minutes they returned with the nessecary items
Jessica: that was quick
Daniel: yeah i kinda cheated i sorta teleported us there i was worried about our time frame
Jessica: very clever young one
David: yeah highly advanced for one his age
Jessica: ok are we ready i need all of you to sit in a circle except you joseph i need you to play the high priest part of this ritual we need both male and female energies for this particular spell
They all sit in a circle and joseph walks up and stands beside jessica and they begin the ritual
Jessica: oh mother earth please lend me your aid in this endeavor
Joseph: father sky lend me your aid in this endeavor
lightning began to strike around the two of them and they seemed to change power seemed to emanate from them


Jessica: let us bend the sands of time
Joseph: let us step into the future
Jessica: may two hours fly past us
Joseph: may we be stopped in our spell at ten o clock on this very eve
they both reached down and poured some of the powder the boys brought back in a circle around them all
Both: as we will it so mote it be
Jessica lit the candle and Joseph threw a strange liquid on it and then on the powder for a split second the powder was ignited with a black flame then when it cleared a strange hill was behind the group
Jessica: devil's cavern hear my plea open up and show yourself to me


The ground began to rumble and shake and the hill rose up to reveal a massive cave


As the all walk into the cavern out of the shadow came a young man jessica's younger brother adrian


Adrian: so sister dear you have joined up with that bastard again miranda isn't going to like this we warned you i must tell her
Cut to a building later that night adrian coming out of the shower up behind his sister miranda while she was brushing her hair in the mirror and she didn't looked to pleased


Miranda: you mean that little bitch has joined up with him again
Adrian: yes i saw it with my very own eyes they were walking into devil's cavern together pratically hand in hand
Miranda: devil's cavern as in the home of the derongal demons
Adrian: the one and the same
Miranda: get dad's scrolls we are going to take care of her once and for all she will never join with him again
Adrian: we going to awaken the derongals and put a bounty on her head?
Miranda: but of course now come here babe and fix my hair like i like it
Adrian: now or after i get the scrolls
Miranda: now the scrolls can wait a few minutes
Adrian: as you wish my most beautiful sister
after he fixed her hair he admired it in the mirror


Act four