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Watchers' Council Chronicles
TV Act One

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Act One

Open to a council hallway we see virgil clark standing against a wall and talking to someone we can't see


Virgil: i told you i don't care i would trust joseph with my very life there is nothing you can say or do to get me to change my mind joseph will remain under the employ of the and he will remain 2nd under me while quinton is away i have nothing further to say
Virgil turns and walks down the hallway and into his office
Cut to the campus park we see Jeffery,Daniel and another young man  walking through it jeffery is posing and wiggling his butt he has a huge smile on his face daniel is smirking some and the third young man is trying not to laugh


Jeffery: come on matthew admit it i am cuter than you even though you are my older brother you got the brains i got the looks admit it
Matthew: i am not going to say my baby brother is cuter than me that is just wrong on so many levels
Daniel: but you aren't denying it either you are avoiding the whole situation
Matthew: shut up daniel no one asked you
Jeffery: but it's the truth you are avoiding it 
Matthew: i'm going home now
He pushed past the other two and walked on after he was out of sight Daniel and Jeffery busted out laughing
Daniel: that was too perfect
Jeffery: yeah i know
Daniel: so what are you doing today ?
Jeffery: nothing much why?
Daniel: want to come by the council with me?
Jeffery: sure i've got nothing better to do i just need to talk to someone first i'll meet you there in about a half hour ok
Daniel: great i have some things i want to tell you any ways
The two friends seperated and daniel stood and watched jeffery walk out of sight a smile firmly planted on his face
Cut to an alley way we see jeffery walking down it when he runs into Tony Mccarthy and another man who looked a little like him


Tony: well well we were wondering if you were going to show up or not weren't we damien
Damien: yes we were dear brother
Tony: were you able to talk to joseph?
Jeffery: no not yet but daniel invited me to the council so i will talk to him sometime today
Tony: that's good cause your powers are very important and you need to learn to harness those powers for the test 
Jeffery: i know sir
Tony: (smiles) ok you better get going you don't want to keep your friend waiting
After jeffery gets around the corner tony's smile turns sinister and he looks to his younger brother
Tony: damien follow him and keep a close eye on him however don't let him know you're there
Damien: as you wish brother (a flash of light surrounds him and we know longer see him) he will never see me
Tony: good now get going
Damien: right on it
Cut to the outside of the council sometime later we see jeffery looking at daniel with a shocked look on his face and daniel was sitting smoking a ciggeratte looking and jeffery as if waiting on him to say something


After a few moments jeffery spoke
Jeffery: what did you say man
Daniel: you heard me jeffery it wasn't easy you know
Jeffery: are you actually saying that you love me not as like in a brother way but like in a lover way
Daniel: exactly
Jeffery: whoa for how long ?
Daniel: a couple years now
Jeffery: wow but you hid it so well i would have never figured

Daniel: i used to spend everyday thinking about you and dreaming about you and every time you walked by i lost myself do you know what that feels like? Do you?

Jeffery: yeah i do there was this one girl but she never returned my feelings

Daniel: i am sorry if i freaked you out but i had to tell you

Jeffery: no daniel you didn't freak me out that's not what freaks me out

Daniel: what do you mean

Jeffery: what freaks me out is that i feel the same way for you and i have for the past three months

Daniel: why didn't you say anything

Jeffery: because i didn't want to be ...erm dodgy it would kill my family if they found out i was like that in fact i am not so sure who i am myself yes i do care deeply for you and there are many times that i want you to take me in your arms but i don't know how i would react if you actually did

Daniel:(slowly closed the distance between them) well let's see then shall we

Before jeffery could say anything daniel caught his friend's lips in his own


After daniel pulled away he smirked some and jeffery just stood there with a shocked looked on his face then after a moment's hesitation he captured daniel's lips in a kiss
Cut to another part of the outside of the watchers' council building we see samantha talking to someone she looked more professional now though


Samantha: ok it was nice meeting you goodbye
She turns the corner and sees  daniel an jeffery kissing her face registered shock and she quickly turned and walked away not wanting to interupt them
Cut to a plush looking living room we see a young woman laying on the couch looking over some files we hear a door creak open and she looks up we see tyler walk in


Tyler: hello Ms. Evans is the boss available
Ms. Evans: no i am afraid not tyler however there were a few things i was supposed to discuss with you
Tyler: like what
Ms. Evans: well the boss had been going through your files and he told me some questions he wanted to ask of you do you have the time to talk with me
Tyler: of course i do
Ms Evans: good would you like some tea or something
Tyler: yes please
Ms. Evans: (she gets up and pours 2 cups of tea and hands one to tyler) well first and foremost is samantha in the council
Tyler: (taking a sip from the cup) yes she is
Ms. Evans: and there were no problems
Tyler: none whatsoever
Ms. Evans: good ok now for the things that the boss told me to talk with you about 
Tyler: ok
Ms. Evans: now it says here that your parents were drug addicts and constantly getting high and that is part of the reason why you were orphaned cause the were killed in a drug deal gone bad
Tyler: that is correct
Ms. Evans: strange thing is that no one reported it for about a week when you came home from a trip at your grandma's and found them and last night we heard you speaking of their murder in your sleep as if you were there when it happened and the question the boss has is why did you lie to him? you killed your parents
Tyler: (a look of fear crossed his face) cause i was afraid of him he seemed to know everything about me i didn't want to piss him off i was afraid he wouldn't accept me
Ms. Evans: was it not him who gave you the powers you possess now he hasn't taken them from you has he if he thought you weren't worth being in the team he would strip you of them he was just a bit annoyed that you lied to him is all
Tyler: tell him that i assure him it would never happen again
Before ms. evans could say anything damien walked in
Damien: sorry to interupt but have either of you seen my brother or is the boss available i have informantion on jeffery
Ms. Evans: no on both accounts so i am afraid you need to give me the information
Damien: jeffery is how do i put this delicately.....jeffery has a thing for his best friend i saw them kissing
Ms. Evans: why would this concern us why would we care if he loves some girl that he's friends with
Damien: (smirked some) because his best friend is joseph's son
Ms. Evans: (smiles) while that is a bit different isn't it
Tyler: (looks disgusted) i am not working anywhere around him then
Ms. Evans: no no of course not he is tony and damien's responsiblity samantha is yours
Damien looks pleased with himself after he relayed the information


Act Two