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Watchers' Council Chronicles
TV Act Two

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Act Two

Cut to the watchers council library we see joseph talking to samantha
Joseph: so did you see him
Samantha: no i didn't  i figured i would come in here and wait with you and you can introduce us properly i mean after all you are the father to both of us
Joseph: yes perhaps that would be best
A few minutes later daniel came walking in with jeffery by his side and samantha turned her head and blushed for a second before regaining her composure
Joseph: ahh daniel we were just talking about you
Daniel: i swear i didn't do it
Jeffery: yeah he was with me all day mr. deromanus
Joseph: (chuckles some) i just wanted to introduce you to your older sister samantha
Samantha: hi
Daniel: but i thought she was dead
Joseph: yeah funny story about that
Cut to ms. evans sitting and playing a game of solitaire but she looks sligthly more seductive than before


Ms. Evans: i swear michael the boss has these kids under control these tyrants are under his command


Michael: oh don't worry julie the boss is very powerful they could never overthrow him i assure you you are his assistant but i am his right hand man i think i would know a bit more about him than you
Ms Evans: i know it is not even a question about that it is just that i don't understand where all his powers come from
Michael: his powers come from something that no one can truely comprehend they come from far beyond
Ms. Evans: very well
Cut back to the council library jacob comes walking in he nods a greeting to the others then he walks over and whispers something in joseph's ear joseph's eyes got real wide
Joseph: are you sure
Jacob: yes i am
Joseph: (smirks a bit cruelly) perfect now is my chance (looks to the others) i will be back later something has come up
As joseph gets up and leaves jacob lights up a ciggeratte


Cut to a church later on that day we see someone walk in it we hear sounds of a fight breaking out and then we begin to to see flames erupt from the church and out of the church we see joseph and someone else walking out as they get closer we see that it is certaintly joseph except he is a vampire and the other person walking out with him is a demon


Joseph: (devamps) thanks for your help david i really apprecitate it
The demon begins to change and we see it is david conners


David: (smirks some) it was no problem it was fun do you think any of them survived?
Joseph: i doubt it
David: good cause we can't have anyone telling what we did
Joseph: don't worry david they are all dead i would be able to sense it if any survived
Cut to the council building later that day we see Mr. Clark on the phone he looks upset
Mr. Clark: and none of them survived no  nothing else thank you for letting me know bye
As he hangs up the phone he cries openly
Mr. Clark: my children were in that church and now they're gone someone is going to pay
Cut to the council kitchen we see joseph in it talking with mitchell and jacob


Mitchell: you got part one of the plan done already?
Joseph: yes jacob here noted the perfect oppertunity and me and david took care of it all
Mitchell: so there is nothing for me to cover up to protect you
Jacob: oh bloody hell mitchell have a little faith in him he has been doing this for quite some time now
Mitchell: yes i know he has but i still like to make sure all the bases are covered
Joseph: (smiled some) well i appreciate it but every thing is under control
Cut to ms evans again she seems a bit nervous


Ms. Evans: umm b..boss a Mr. Caleb Michaels is here to see you
As we pan in we see the boss for the first time


Ms. Evans: and Mr. Keller samantha is in the council
Mr. Keller: please call me boss or bruce mr keller sounds so old
Ms. Evans: (flinches some) sorry boss
Bruce: it's fine now as for samantha has she reported in yet
Ms. Evans: no sir she hasn't been left alone yet according to our spies 
Bruce: fine and did you say caleb was here
Ms. Evans: yes sir shall i let him in
Bruce: of course 
Ms. Evans: yes sir
She walks out and a few minutes later a young man comes in


Caleb: ahh bruce hello my friend i just came to let you know that we have everything ready for the summoning of malachai during the lunar eclipse
Bruce: good good we are getting the information as soon as we can but the council is a pain they have everything so secured
Caleb: i know that is why i wouldn't have my crew do it but i have faith in you after all you have so many ties to the council in your crew
Bruce: yes so all should be done on schedule
Caleb: i know it will be my friend
Cut back to the council there is a knock on the door and joseph opens it and standing in the doorway is tyler only he look professional 


Tyler: hello my name is Tyler Romeraz and i am a new student i was contacted by a Mr. Quinton Travers and i was supposed to speak with a Mr. Joseph Deromanus
Joseph: that's me come on in
joseph stepped aside and tyler smirked a bit evilly after he got in

Act Three