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Watchers' Council Chronicles
TV Act Three

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Act Three

Cut to Bruce Keller he is talking to a young woman she didn't look to happy and bruce looked upset


Bruce: listen kristina you mean the world to me i can never tell you how much i love you
Kristina: sure you love me bruce but you're not spending as much time with me as i want no as i need you too
Bruce: listen hun i know that but it isn't easy i never wanted this i never expected my creator to get killed and leave me with all this responibilty
Kristina: i know that and i realize that the summoning of malachai is something you have waited on for centuries to get your revenge on the one who killed him
Bruce: exactly Kristina i don't want to just kill joseph i want to break him i want to take away everything he has ever loved i want him him to feel what it's like to be destroyed from the inside out i want to do to him what he has done to me
Kristina: and malachai will help you that is why you had adrian and miranda kidnap his daughter so you could raise her as you saw fit to plan on hurting him with her
Bruce: yes i wanted both kids but they could only get one and then three years ago they tried to betray me so they had to pay
Kristina: yes and i made them pay dearly
Bruce: yes you did giving me the chance to play the kind caring citizen and take in young samantha and raise her so she became loyal to me
They walk towards each other and kiss
Cut back to the council we see Samantha and Tyler talking


Tyler: what's the matter samantha i am just here to help out in anyway i can
Samantha: what if we're seen together?
Tyler: that's easily explained you were just helping out the new student so he would have some friends
Samantha: yeah i guess
Tyler: well i better get going but now that i am here we will get the information faster and the boss can put his revenge plan in action
As he walked away samantha looked anything but happy about the news


Samantha: i don't have a good feeling about this at all
Cut to the burned down church later that day it is still smoldering we see mr clark standing there looking upset


Mr. Clark: not a single body left it was all burned to ashes now i will never get to give my children a proper send off
He walked away trying not to cry
Cut to the inside of a crypt we see a vampire and a demon as well as a man with shoulderlentgh brown hair but he is wearing a mask


The masked man walks to the door and looks out it and up at the darkening sky then he waved the other two out the door after they were out he went out as well
Cut to the Council building we see mitchell and jacob looking slightly worried


Mitchell: where the hell is he
Jacob: i don't know but have faith
Mitchell: look at you telling me to have faith you're just as worried as i am if not moreso
Jacob: i don't deny that but i trust joseph hurry now alexander will be here in a few moments we will just have to keep him ocupied until joseph gets here
Mitchell left sighing then we hear a voice
Alexander: keep me occupied it shouldn't be too hard 'allo luvs alexander rayne at your service
As the camera pans around we see an older gentleman sitting there with a smirk on his face   


Jacob: oh erm alexander hi how did you get here
Alexander: what you think that my younger brother ethan is the only one who can teleport in our family
Jacob: good point well let's get right down to bussiness shall we i will give you the briefing and then when joseph gets here he can give you more detail

Act Four