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Watchers' Council Chronicles
DA Act Three

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Act Three

Cut to bruce's hideout he is seen talking with scott wilkinson bruce looks very comfortable


Bruce: so you see scott i am not to worried about it they are my two most loyal helpers
Scott: i know sir but we heaven't recieved word from them yet i am just worried that they might have been caught
Bruce: no i would know if they were trust me they are fine
Scott: i am sure you are right sir
Cut back to the council joseph is sitting alone and he hears her voice call his name again he looks and he sees the spirit of jessica once again


Jessica: hello love
Joseph: jessica i was hoping you would come back
Jessica: of course i would i just had to finish warning you
we are headed for a war and you can't be sure who you can and can't trust there is the art of guerilla warfare going on right now
Joseph: you mean there are some people playing both sides of the fence
Jessica: yes my love there are some very troubled people around people who are unsure with whom their loyalties lie
Joseph: who are these people
Jessica: i am afraid i can't tell you that it would be unfair i can only warn you and tell you that you must be prepared i will return my love but i must go once again
With that she vanished leaving joseph all alone but he wasn't alone for long the door opened up and Ethan walked in
Ethan: 'allo old friend ripper told me he saw that stuffy old bloke travers leave now i have some information that might be of some use to you
Cut to the council's library we see tyler and samantha looking at books they seem to be looking for something when they hear a stranges noise and they turn to find themselves face to face with jessica both samantha and tyler look a bit scared while jessica looked amused


Jessica: what surprised to see me?
Jessica: yes my dear it is i i just came to give you guys some information and i want you both to think long and hard on it everyone has an army in their heart an army that rallies when it's host is in the most danger an army that fights back with all its might until every last one of it's soldiers is dead remember that army can conquer many things
and then she faded away leaving tyler and samantha to think on it a few minutes later samantha was in tears and tyler held her when he spoke his voice was shaky almost as if he himself was about to cry
Tyler: i can't do this samantha joseph is a good guy i can't go on with this either i love you samantha and i can't hurt your father or it would hurt you
Samantha: i love you too but now what are we going to do
Tyler: we need to form an alliance but not let the boss know of it or he will kill us
Samantha: but what if my dad kills us for our betrayal in the first place
Tyler: i will say that i had a mind control spell on you or something
Joseph walks into the library and sees tyler and samantha in eachother's arms crying
Joseph: what's wrong
Samantha: i am so sorry dad
Joseph: for what
Joseph just listened as samantha and tyler began to talk to him about the plan
Cut to bruce and he is speaking on the phone


Bruce: alright julie i want you to set up around the outside of the council and prepare to move in in 3 hours according to andrew and michelle the council has a meeting and only joseph daniel and samantha will be there tyler and jeffery will be preparing the supper
cut to some bushes we see ms evans nod and then hang up her cellphone as the camera moves away we see she has michael,timothy, cassie and kim all with her and she smirks some and nods her head as they all spread out
Cut back to joseph,  samantha and tyler
Joseph: is that so
Tyler: yes sir i'm afraid so
Joseph: right then well i am glad to see that you both realized i wasn't the bad guy here i know we can pull this off
Cut to a bedroom and we see daniel sitting on the bed and jeffery comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and smirks some as he sits by daniel and lightly pushes him back
Cut back to the council later that day daniel comes walking in with a smile on his face and he finds his dad and his sister sitting in the study and researching
Daniel: hey guys
Joseph: hi daniel did you have fun
Daniel: (smirks) you could say that
Samantha: ok too much info (she chuckled lightly) just kidding anyhow with jeffery be here to help tyler with supper tonight
Daniel: yeah he will be here after he showers
Joseph: good good
Cut to a secluded forest we see xavier, rachel, and brittany sitting in a circle and they were chanting after they finished chanting standing before them was some young blond woman  


Xavier: ahh welcome jessica marshall
Jessica M: why have you summoned me

Act Four